The Manufacture

100% in-house

Cabestan is an independent Swiss Manufacture standing as a major independent fine watchmaking brand in the modern era. Lively by passion of creation, the avant-garde watchmaker transcends all contemporary watchmaking metrics.

Watchmaking history, Craftsmanship, and Innovation are the three core values Cabestan relies upon. These are the DNA of the brand identity. All Cabestan timepieces reflect and respect the entire watchmaking cultural legacy, through their process creation.

Since 2003, Cabestan is demonstrating a long know-how. Affirming the legitimacy a step further, all movements are engineered and in-house developed with ancestral elements paying tributes to horological history, such as the German Silver material, for new creations.

The core technology of the Cabestan watches relies on the premises of watchmaking, back to the early beginning of the 15th century, when the mechanical fuse-and-chain concept was invented. Always in the pursuit of perfection, Cabestan allies innovation with know-how in order to reach the uniqueness of extreme time precision.

Each component and even the case and buckle are designed, tooled, decorated and assembled in-house by our watchmakers.

Defying all gravitational attraction properties and mechanical conventions, Cabestan timepieces are among the finest mechanical arts to be made. Through its brand identity and exceptional team of watchmakers, the Cabestan’s work signature itself, remains as a pledge of guarantee to its owner.