Romain Jérome Titanic DNA

by Cabestan


Technical data

Limited edition of six unique timekeepers inspired from the 5 oceans plus a sixth piece directly inspired from the Titanic’s shipwreck.

The color tone is different for each piece: copper, red, bronze, silver, charcoal, grey and deep black.

The Titanic, the most famous ocean liner of them all, and now bought back to life almost a hundred years later with the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watch by Cabestan.

A complex and confidential fusion of materials salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic that lies 2840 meters under the sea, and from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the Titanic’s life began almost a century ago.

The rusted steel is a combination of two metals separated by a century of time. Rust, once an enemy of the industry but a unique process has been devised to stop the rust corroding any further, a first in the watch-making industry.


  • Manually wound (winch mecanism) movement with Swiss lever escapement
  • Tourbillon regulated at 6 positions with force delivered by a system of chain and fuseé
  • Frequency : 21 600 alt/h or 3 Hz
  • Breguet-style overcoil, Geneva Stud
  • Balance amplitude : 240°
  • Time-setting and rewinding with miniature dynamometric winch handle
  • Hand finished components : beveling, polishing, drawing and circular graining


  • Hours, minutes and seconds displayed on three engraved rotary drums
  • Power reserve of 72 hours displayed on a engraved rotary drum


  • Stabilized Titanic extreme rusted steel case in 6 different color tones
  • Case composed of 7 elements welded in a controlled atmosphere
  • Two sapphire metallised crystals hand-fitted to each case
  • Two functional capstans : rewinding and time setting
  • Two decorative capstans
  • Limited edition of 6 unique pieces